Painting Auction to Benefit the Boston Marathon

Last year, I was home painting in my art studio, listening to the TV, when I heard the news of the Boston Marathon Bombing. 

Earlier that morning, my fiance kissed me goodbye before work. I told him I would be painting all morning, and that I had plans to walk to the marathon in the afternoon. We live 0.8 miles from the finish line, so going out to see the day’s events was something I really wanted to do. That morning in my studio was productive, and I had lost track of time.  I was working at my desk, painting a piece of my display that was going to be installed at “Boston Children’s Museum.” I got carried away.  The TV was on mute so I could focus. I remember watching the crowds gathered on TV, cheering on the runners. I decided I would finish my project, and then head outside to the festivities.

Ten minutes later, I heard commotion out my window. At first I thought it was just cheers from the day. Then I herd people shouting, sirens blaring, and saw the tragedy that unfolded on my TV.  My phone rang off the hook with everyone calling to make sure we were safe. Luckily, I was, but many others weren’t. It could have easily been me, or one of my family or friends, standing at that finish line.

As the week went by I realized how grateful I was to be healthy. I grew proud of the city of Boston; a place I had only began to call home.  I stood in shock and awe as the days and weeks went by. “Boston Strong” poured out through every inch and crack of the old city streets. People gathered together to show that we would not be put down, that we would rise above it all.

Ever since that day last year, I knew I wanted to do something for those affected. I saw our city join together. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, opened their doors. Instead of closing others out, the people of Boston opened their hearts and let other in. The world railed. Even our biggest sports rivals had our back.

I spent the weeks following the marathon thinking of ways to contribute. Many generous people and organizations were contributing large amounts to those affected. Nothing I have given since then has felt substantial enough. Then, just recently, it occurred me to support the marathon, by doing the thing that I am most passionate about. I began painting a small series, called “Boston Strong”. The paintings are a way for me to know I helped in the best way I can. The works are created with colored glitter on panel, because that is the style of work that I do best. The paintings are not remorseful or sad. They are vibrant and loud. The paintings ring out and say, “I am proud to be Boston Strong”.  

I will be auctioning off all three paintings with 100% of the proceeds going to Boston area charities, including the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk, Boston Cares, and Boston Medical Center. Bidding is simple. Simply bid on your favorite painting on eBay. To build momentum, make sure to update your bid amount in the comment section on my Facebook post, or via my twitter @zelsonh. Payment is accepted via PayPal. In honor of the marathon, the bidding will take place today only. At 12am I will announce the winners via my facebook page and twitter.

The city of Boston has not simply healed, but grown more knowledgeable, courageous, and fierce. “Boston Strong” is now our way of life. It will be engrained in our memories and affect the way we carry ourselves for the rest of our lives. Much like our history, our founding fathers saw the strength of Boston. It is amazing that after such a terrible day, something beautiful was born, as we are truly living, “Boston Strong”.


"Boston Strong Ribbon"

Colored glitter and acrylic gel medium on panel

24" x 18"


"Boston Strong"

Colored glitter and acrylic gel medium on panel

16" x 20"


"Boston Strong Ribbon"

Colored glitter and acrylic gel medium on panel

14" x 11"