Full Speed Ahead / by Hilary Zelson

It's hard to believe that January is already almost over. It honestly feels like yesterday that I was scrounging to the depths of the internet looking for art shows applications.... and yet, today I realized I was weeks past the deadline for three shows I had found that day I searched the internet.

I guess in order to understand my month of mayhem you need to know a little about my life. Basically, I work as an art educator and community art liaison at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. When I am not spending my time at work I paint in my studio, apply to exhibitions, respond to emails, and try to make a name for myself in the art world.

Today, for example, I woke up and responded to emails, ventured to Charlestown for a staff meeting, then ordered art supplies, responded to more emails, organized my schedule, worked on a new project, and now am building my awesome new website.

I wish it was easier to catch you up on my life so that I can start telling you good stories (if and when they happen)... but for now I guess I must get back to editing photos and adding captions to all the images I just uploaded to my website. 

I promise this will get more interesting... I just need to get my fingers wet first.