BCM Display is Complete! / by Hilary Zelson

First off, I really wish I was better at updating my blog. This blogging thing is still new to me and I seem to get bogged down with every thing else life throw at me. I am much better at keeping up with my Facebook page Hilary Zelson's Artist Studio, so if you like my page you'll get more current almost daily updates with what is going on...

I am so relived and excited that my Boston Children's Museum display is finished. Creating a commissioned painting (installation) that needs to be your absolute best work is more stressful then I even imagined.  I guess you could say that I am a perfectionist with my artwork, and I wanted my installation to reflect just that.

After finishing the two main paintings, I still had to make two small paintings, and build the folding stretcher framers. The whole thing was a learning process. After building and stretching the two frames, I realized they were too big, and that something was wrong with my original measurements. Something like six inches off. I had to unstretch, cut down, and restrech both frames which took hours.

The first thing I did when I got to BCM for the installation was check to make sure the painting fit. They did! Man, it was close though (one cm bigger and it would not have fit). The entire installation took about six hours. I had to wire and hang the rocks, gems, and minerals from BCM's collection. Remember, this was a collaborative installation between my art and BCM objects - so arranging the collection perfectly was equally important to the paintings.

Although it took forever, and I was exhausted when it was complete, I was so happy. It honestly turned out exactly like I had imagined it could. I can't wait to start receiving some feedback!

Me in front of one side of the completed BCM display M is for Meteorite.

Me in front of one side of the completed BCM display M is for Meteorite.