The Universe Sparkles

Newest addition to the Glitter Universe collection, which is currently on display in my dining room!
Fox Fur Nebula
45 x 45 inches
Mixed Media (Glitter and Acrylic Gel Medium on Stretched Canvas)

Over the past three years my artwork has reflected my fascination with glitter, and with science, in particular with cosmic forms and Hubble Space Telescope images. To me, the beauty in these other worldly forms of our universe is truly captivating, but I feel  a disconnect between what the telescope images capture and how it would really appear if we could travel to the distant corners of space and see for ourselves.

I found my answer in the creation of mixed media paintings made out of glitter and clear acrylic medium instead of paint. The small reflective particles mimic how I imagine the stars are really glowing in those far away Nebulae. The glitter provides an amazing and wondrous reality not possible with any other media. My art, I hope, will help bring wonder to adults and stimulate learning and creativity in children.

To me, the paintings not only question what lies beyond our Earth, but also reassures us of natural beauty everywhere in the universe. These paintings represent the beginning of my artistic interpretation of outer space. I will continue to venture to further Nebulas, and more colorful gas clouds until I have completed not just a few glittering paintings, but a glittering and sparkling Universe.

DSC_6479 copy.jpg

DSC_6486 copy.jpg

Crowds gather around "Eagle Nebula" during the opening reception of the 55th Annual Chautauqua Exhibition of Contemporary Art at the Chautauqua Institution, located in Chautauqua, NY

Close up displaying the texture of "Star Forming Region s106".